Occupational Health and Environment

Security Policy Occupational Health and Environment
Osotspa Group Public Company Limited and its affiliates

“ The company is committed to operating safety. Occupational Health and Environment taking into
account responsibility to the safety and health care of employees, partners, including related persons,
both at work and outside of work, including having social responsibility by taking care of
the environment and using natural resources in a cost-effective and sustainable way. ”

This is to foster a culture of safety and environmental conservation within the organization, including promoting its operations. safety Occupational health and environment efficiency is constantly evolving The company therefore sets a safety policy. Occupational Health and Environment to be used as a guideline for the operation as follows:

1. Safety and environmental stewardship It is the responsibility of employees at all levels. and all staff Must participate in safety operations Occupational Health and Environment of the Organization

2. Commitment to support in operation and continuous improvement In order to increase the efficiency of the environmental management system and Occupational Safety and Health Management System

3. Determine and review the objectives, safety goals. Occupational health and environment appropriate for the purpose, context, nature, size and impact of the organization’s product and service activities.

4. Commitment to work on occupational safety and health including environmental protection and pollution prevention. in accordance with the law and other requirements agreed upon strictly

5. Committed to eliminating hazards and reducing risks for occupational safety and health including a commitment to providing safe and hygienic working conditions. To reduce accidents and prevent diseases caused by work

6. Promote, support and develop knowledge and understanding as well as create awareness of safety and environmental protection. Employees at all levels must receive training in accordance with the requirements. Including commitment to mentoring and participation of practitioners and representatives of operators