About Us

Greensville’s Stories

Established in 1984, the company has had a strong and progressive history of manufacturing a wide range of consumer goods in industries :

– Skin care
– Baby care
– Oral care
– Powder products
– Fragrance products
– Household products
– Cosmetics

In the pursuit of the ideal product for our customers, Greenville is a leading One Stop Service manufacturer that continues to expand our resources and expertise.

With over thirty years of experience, we are able to equip our valued clients with extensive technical consultation and logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs along all production stages.

We pride ourselves in the competence and specialization of producing efficient gentle, natural and non-irritating consumer goods and products.

Our emphasis on quality, rapidity and flexibility has led us to forge plentiful partnerships and alliance over the years, with notable references are mainly in Asia and the USA.

As well as developing cooperative relationships with our highly valued customers, we strive to become Thailand’s foremost contract manufacturer through an unparalleled business model that constantly evolves and adapts.